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How does the Dutch car theory exam work?

What do you need to bring?

If you want to go for your theory exam. You have to bring 2 things:

- A valid identity document.

- A reservation number.

Your reservation number can be found in the e-mail or letter you received from the CBR.

The CBR car theory consists of 65 questions:

- Hazard perception 25 questions. You are allowed to have 12 mistakes in this category.

- Knowledge 12 questions, from which you must answer at least 10 questions correctly. You are allowed to make 2 mistakes in this category.

- Insight 28 questions, from which you must answer at least 25 questions correctly. You are allowed to make 3 mistakes in this category.

How long does the exam take?

The regular theory exam takes 30 minutes.

For the theory exam with extra time and the individually supervised exam, you will get 45 minutes. Here, you get 5 minutes extra time for the knowledge part and 10 minutes extra time for the insight part.

What kinds of questions can you expect?

- Drag and drop questions

- Fill-in questions

- Hot spot questions

- Multiple choice questions

- Yes/No questions

Validity theory exam

If you pass your car theory exam, it is valid for 1.5 years.

Did you fail? Then you can book another theory exam at CBR. You will also receive a result form telling you which subjects you need to pay extra attention to.

Do you want to pass your dutch car theory exam?

Did you know that you can also take your CBR exam in English?

So do you struggle with the Dutch language and want to pass your car theory exam in one go? Check out our online theory course and pass in one go.

Our course:🎓

- Our online course is fully filmed in the English language.✅

- Consists of the most important topics/exam questions from the CBR.✅

- pdf files.✅

- Practice exams.✅

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