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English Car theory

Online car theory course in English for CBR

English Car theory

In our online car theory course we cover all the important CBR topics. With the best practice exams, you will be fully prepared for your Dutch theory exam!💯
If you order one of our video courses, you will get access to: 
13 practice exams!✅

●All video courses!✅
●PDF files!✅


Video Courses🎥

  • 44,99€
    1 week geldig
English CBR Theory Course
  • 54,99€
    3 weken geldig
English CBR Theory Course
  • 64,99€
    1 maand geldig
English CBR Theory Course
Practice Exams & pdf-Files📝

Do you only want access to the practice exams & PDF files? That is possible!

-The practice exams consist of : Knowledge and insight questions!
You will not get access to our videos with these bundles!🚫

  • 22,99€
    1 week geldig
English CBR Theory Practice exams

What does the online theory course contain?
Well, After much request, we have finally filmed our online Dutch car theory course in English language. Our online teachers are trained / qualified to explain everything you need to know in a simple way. Our online theory course consists of the 3 main modules of the CBR :'' Hazard recognition , Traffic regulations, Trafic awareness''. All topics are explained in a simple way so that ANYONE can pass their theory exam in one go. During the course you also get access to 6-12 practice exams and pdf files!

How does it work?
When you purchase a course , you get instant access to our theory course. You can access our online course anywhere and at any time. For more information click here
⚠️ After purchasing our course, you cannot pause/stop the access time.⚠️

Social media:
In a short time, we have become one of the largest theory trainers in the Netherlands! On social media, we have now almost topped 1 million followers!  
Yes , you read it correctly 1,000,000 followers! Our Tiktok and Instagram accounts have generated more than 400,000,000 viewers. This has made us grow enormously as a company. 
We always keep our courses updated with the latest traffic rules and laws & exam questions! This in turn leads to a high pass rate & satisfied customers!😊
Check out some posts (reviews) from our successful students here!

PDF Files
Do you order one of our video packages or practice exams? Then you will also get instant access to our PDF files! You can also download these PDF files, so you can still use them after your access time has expired and just before your exam. For more information see the slideshow above.
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The course

Do you have your car theory exam coming up soon and do you want to pass in one go? Then you are here in the right place.


The exam questions are explained in a simple way so that ANYONE can pass in one go!


Thousands of students have passed before you!


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